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Motion Tackler (Version 2.0)
U.S. Patent # 8,328,664 B2, # 6,988,965 B2,  # 6,942,585 B1


The newly updated Motion Tackler, version 2.0, offers a new chassis design that is smaller, lighter, more agile, less expensive, and easier to tackle to the ground.  The lighter and smaller chassis is less intimidating to tackle and easier for the coach to handle. The patented Motion Tackler is the first sled of its kind that can be pushed into motion and contacted while in motion.  The goal of the defense is to stop the forward progress of the ball carrier. The Motion Tackler bridges the gap between static tackling and live tackling without the risk of injuring the ball carrier and greatly reducing the risk to the tackler – all the while gaining tackling skills.  Injuries change everything.  85% of brain injuries occur on the practice field.  Players on the training table or concussed is a scenario nobody desires.  We believe the Motion Tackler will greatly increase the odds of keeping your players on the field and healthy while also enhancing their skill level, and that is a win-win for everybody.  With the Motion tackler you can teach a detailed tackling progression and work full speed tackling.  With limited practice time each rep is more important.


The Motion Tackler is the first sled of its kind that can be pushed into motion and then tackled by a player. The sled moves; it’s not a stationary target. The Motion Tackler bridges the gap between static tackling and live tackling without the risk of injuring another player. When a player hits the sled and lifts the pad 2” it engages a brake. The brake stops the sled from rolling back at the coach and allows the player to take the sled to the ground. The Motion Tackler takes the wear and tear off beating each other up. Call it the “Gretzky” because it’s not where the ball carrier is, it’s where he’s going!


How can Coaches effectively teach their athletes how to block and tackle with strict contact limitations? Let Rae Crowther be part of that solution. Tackling or blocking another player is what the sport of football is all about, but hits can add up on the player’s bodies and create injuries. New rules and guidelines (i.e. Pac 12, Ivy league, NCAA guidelines, multiple High School State Associations) are calling for less contact during practice. The Motion Tackler is a great answer to the dilemma of skill acquisition while reducing injuries. The benefits of live tackling in practice won’t translate to better football if players get hurt and can’t contribute in games. Keeping players healthy and increasing their skill level is what the Motion tackler is all about.


Make the Motion Tackler part of your tackling circuit. The Motion tackler can help improve your team and help transfer the skills learned in practice to the game by the following uses: 1) Staying disciplined and not over running the ball carrier and missing. 2) Simulating an angle tackle or an open field tackle. 3) Working on skills of footwork, takeoff, body control, and quickness. Players can improve their body awareness against a moving target and get in the right position to make a tackle. Plus, if you chose, you don’t have to take the sled all the way to the ground in each drill. 4) Pass protection and option football. The sled can act as a charging DL. OL’s can work on their “hop.” 5) Use for QB interference and pocket awareness. 6) From a strength and conditioning perspective coaches can emphasize the development of acceleration, lower body muscular power, and lean muscle mass to improve tackling ability. TURF TIRES The sled rolls on 4 turf tires that will roll over any surface. Each wheel is attached to heavy marine grade axles and 5 bolt wheel hubs. The patented S pad is the player’s target. The coaching end of the sled is light and easy to move. For player protection the coach’s handle is protected in dense foam as well as the tubular chassis. Paint: Powder coated black. Shipping Dimensions: 60” L x 72” W x 36” H. Warranty: 3 year factory warranty

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