• Leverage Cube - Black with Red Icons (sand not included)
  • Leverage Cube - Black with Red Icons (with 500 lbs. of sand)
  • Leverage Cube - Black with Royal Icons (sand not included)
  • Leverage Cube - Black with Royal Icons (with 500 lbs. of sand)
  • Leverage Cube - Custom Colors (with 500 lbs. of sand)
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This is a new and unique piece of practice equipment. The Cube is rectangular, made with dense foam, and heavily weighted in the center with sand (typically 200-600 lbs.) The Cube is an excellent tool for indoor and outdoor use. On all 4 sides of the cube the player is presented with a Player Target that is sewn onto the vinyl for durability. The players push and leverage the cube until they “push it over.” The shape and weight of the Cube creates the right amount of leverage and forward push. The Cube helps create stronger players. As the athletes become fatigued they are faced with the challenge of remaining in a strong athletic position and keeping their legs and hands driving. The amount of ballast in the center of the Cube is adjustable. We recommend varsity level teams start with around 300 – 500 lbs. of sand but you can place up to 800 lbs. Why not have a few Leverage Cubes in your gym this winter and use all spring and summer outside? The Cube ships with a special plastic palette that is weather resistant and won’t rot, split or mildew, to store the cube when not in use outside keeping the Cube off a rain soaked field. Cube size is 53” diameter x 36” wide. Ships motor freight. Warranty 2 years.

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