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Where strength collides with football: gain thousands of football specific repetitions. Increase the quality of explosive strength that enables athletes to stay on blocks or make tackles. Challenge your players to break the stalemate at the line of scrimmage. Get stronger and faster in an absolutely football specific position year round. Hit the pad and drive it up the incline. Develop an explosive force that moves opponents, and because the machine is plate-loaded, you can increase resistance as the athletes improve. The Shockwave works the transition zone between hitting a target and moving a target. Increase the quality of explosive strength that enables athletes to stay on blocks or make tackles. The Shockwave can help develop lean athletic players who can play with low pads and leverage and exert force in the desired direction. This is about creating football strength.


The pad leverages up (or locks down if you wish) and also, importantly, the pad arm pivots right or left (which can also be locked in place for beginning athletes or rehab). The pivoting arm requires body balance from the player, which in return requires more muscles to fire and thus control the pad. Not just the pad pivots, but the entire arm, which makes a big difference because it makes it much harder for the player. Hitting and driving the Shockwave for reps becomes a total body workout. The kinesiology required of a player to generate power and agility can be learned and enhanced through repetitious use of the Shockwave. The Shockwave is more of a free weight machine than any other leg drive machine. You can add up to 540 lbs. of additional weight to the chassis carrier and add up to 210 lbs. of additional weight to the leverage arm itself (resistance to leveraging the pad). Thus, the Shockwave is adjustable for all levels of play. By inserting the Shockwave into your workout schedule, you will see results on game day.

Here are the 9 reasons why the Rae Crowther Shockwave Leg Charger is Superior!

  1. Free shipping saves you hundreds of dollars
  2. Heavy steel materials and construction, each machine weighs close to 1000 lbs!
  3. Pad pivots in any direction, left, right, and leverages, or can be locked down.
  4. Pad promotes tight hands, 11” across chest
  5. Can be plate loaded for even the strongest of players, but without weight is already heavy.
  6. More efficient use of space, 7’ length promotes 4-6 steps, does not use up 20’ of floor space.
  7. Concave pad can be used for blocking or tackling
  8. Build by a trusted source in the industry for 80+ years
  9. Fast turnaround, the machine is usually kept in stock for fast shipping to you!

“Condition the bones, tendons, ligaments, and muscles to withstand and overcome the high forces placed on them in the demands of competition.”



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