Tackle-Breaker Add-ons ( Sold individually )

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Optional Pre-Factory Assembly of the Swing Arms, Springs, Attachment bolts, Pad Sleeves, and Pads on the Tackle Breaker Sled.

Highly recommended. This option will save you approximately 2 hrs. in assembly.

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Full speed drills. It’s goal line territory… Go to your beast; your heavy artillery! Run the ball effectively out of 2 back, 1 back, shotgun sets… If there is one statistic that shows how tough or physical a team is, it’s rushing yards and/or rushing yards allowed. The TackleBreaker is unique and unlike any other running tunnel. Break through the arms of the Tackle-Breaker and gain extra yardage! By generating enough force to break open the arms of the Tackle-Breaker, your players gain hundreds of first down generating repetitions. Each Power-Arm simulates not just stripping the ball but making a tackle. The Tackle-Breaker reduces the risk of injuring a live tackler and ball-carrier. It trains players to lower their shoulders and maintain leg drive. It enhances toughness to take on tacklers physically larger. The more repetitions a player gets with the Tackle-Breaker in practice, the more tackles he can break during the game. Only the Tackle-Breaker simulates the arms of six actual tacklers. The player must generate approximately 200 lbs. of force to break the arms open and escape. Each Power Arm measures 19” long x 8” wide x 51⁄2” thick. Each Power Arm has a 4” overlap. Your players will have to be explosive into the arms, break them open, and maintain body lean. The power arms grab the ball carrier and force him to concentrate on ball security, body lean, pad level, and sustaining leg drive. All models come with adjustable height arms, to allow you to set the height of the sled to match your players. To adjust the height of the arms, simply unbolt four bolts and adjust the arms up or down. There are 10 hole adjustments on 2” centers, allowing 18” of pad height adjustment. 

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