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The Tunch Punch Ladder was designed by two NFL veterans, Tom Myslinski and Tunch Ilkin. The Tunch Punch Ladder (TPL) is essentially a speed agility foot ladder mounted on a wall. Let’s have Tom Myslinski explain, “Through working with and training under Tunch Ilkin, developer of ‘Tunches Punches,’ I have developed the Tunch Punch Ladder.

Together, we are finding it extremely useful and beneficial in training our athletes. We, as football coaches, understand the importance of the feet in our sport. More importantly, we also understand the specific role the hands play in striking, blocking, and attacking. The more we use this teaching tool, the greater our results have been in strengthening and reconditioning our athletes on the correct motor programs.”

The Tunch Punch ladder allows your players to gain thousands of repetitions they would not have been able to accomplish on the field. Your practice time is short; your individual time is shorter. As you know, the art of striking with the hands is difficult to learn. Why not place a Tunch Punch ladder in the weight room or hallway and punch year round? OLs can learn the hand combat necessary to take on fast DLs. DLs can learn the hand skills required to defeat strong OLs and make plays. It’s a tool to learn their craft. A player can practice alone or in a group, with or without a coach.

9′ Tunch Punch Ladders size is 9′ x 42″ x 8″ deep w/ 4 Grommets

18′ Tunch Punch Ladders size is 18′ x 42″ 8″ deep w/ 7 Grommets

Also available:
Assembly Kit to Mount a 9’ or 18’ Tunch Punch Ladder to a Wall
This kit includes all hardware necessary to mount your Tunch Punch Ladder to a brick / cement wall.


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